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Hello! Welcome to Kids Food Secrets, a website dedicated to help parents learn the secrets of healthy eating for children.

On this site you will find helpful articles that will teach you all about healthy eating for kids.

Apart from tips, we offer informative articles so you can understand healthy food better! There are also plenty of easy to cook, kid friendly recipes for you to practice and make for your children!

The site was created to be user-friendly and easy. Its order is built to help parents’ understanding of healthy eating for kids systematically. We begin with the major topic of Children and Nutrition. Explaining this is crucial to healthy eating. The section of the website also discusses your children’s heart (as heart disease is one of the most major problems that comes from unhealthy eating), and your kids eating habits.

Kids healthy eating secrets from our kitchen to yours.

Raising healthy children and explaining exactly what is healthy eating for children are also two important factors every parent needs to know. The kids food pyramid helps in making these two factors easier to accomplish, and gives a parent better understanding of the foods we eat, and which foods we should be choosing for our kids health. The Healthy Eating Menu and the one week plan for healthy packed lunch are just two of the concrete steps that help parents make the move towards healthier eating for their kids.

Find meal plans and recipes for a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert!

Providing helpful planning tactics and tips for healthy eating is not enough. Understanding that parents need all the help they can get, we’ve provided specific recipes that are easy to cook, and are aimed towards various meals of the day. These recipes explain how they are healthy by specifically mapping out which food groups and in what quantities. We’ve even added recipes for the holidays!

Take the step towards healthy eating habits for you and for your children. Learn all about healthy eating and try our tips, plans, and recipes today!

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